29 November 2007

Micah's Glasses

Nicole took the kids to the Reading Doctor several weeks back and she did an evaluation which included a recommendation to get the kids' eyes checked. The result was that Micah needs glasses for about 2 years not because he has bad vision (his vision is 20/20) but because he has to work too hard when tracking and the glasses are to help relax his eyes. Micah was very excited to get his SpiderMan glasses!

09 November 2007

Halloween Schedules

The kids were anxiously awaiting getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating in Ohio. Micah dressed up as an un-dead pirate (as he called it) and Rebekkah was a floating pumpkin head. We got Micah's costume at the Cracker Barrel (at a restaurant of all places) and Rebekkah's at Walmart for $1.

After I got home from work around 7pm, the kids got dressed up and went out at 7:30pm. Unfortunately ee were not in the loop on the fact that communities over here have scheduled times for trick-or-treating, some of which are not even on the 31st! Apparently our town's trick-or-treating was the 31st but we came to learn the hard way that we were a bit late.

They got some candy at the first couple of townhomes in our complex that they went to. Off to a good start. From then on, for about the next 20 houses, a half a dozen of families were home and about half of those were out of candy. On top of that, there were virtually no other kids out trick-or-treating. It was seriously wierd! I thought we'd entered the twilight zone. The kids kept talking about how the trick-or-treating in Washington was waaaaaay better than the trick-or-treating in Ohio.

The evening got a bit better when we stumbled upon the Halloween parade downtown. Here the parade people threw candy at the people so the kids were able to get more bang for their buck. They got tons of candy with minimal effort. It sort of made up for the earlier part of the evening, but the kids were ready to go right after the parade. We were probably only out for about an hour.

Anyway, here are the pictures of their costumes.