21 January 2008

Visit to Cedarville

A friend of ours from the Tri-Cities came over to his alma mater, Cedarville University, to be inducted to the school's Athletic Hall of Fame. The town/school is about an hour northwest of us.

We went on Saturday to a banquet to see him inducted. We enjoyed a dinner catered by the school volleyball team and then got to hear the stories of four previous school athletes as they were presented by a friend or coach and then gave their acceptance speech.

The next evening we joined him for a school men's basketball game. They pretty much got killed but it was still fun to watch and catch up on stuff. It was alumni weekend so the place was packed and very loud. I forgot what it was like to go to a college basketball game (not that I really went to that many in college anyway, but it was like I remembered).

It was nice to see an old friend from home. Congratulations Chad!

17 January 2008

Snow Day

These were some pictures from a while back of the kids playing in the snow with Dan and Laura Milmore's daughter (friend from work)...

04 January 2008


On our way home from New York we decided to see Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia since we were in the neighborhood. We stopped to see another important town in the birth of our country. The main things to see at the national park were Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Other items we saw were Second Bank of the United States, Franklin Court, Christ Church, Christ Church Burial Ground, Arch Street Friends Meeting House, and the Betsy Ross House.

Christmas in NY - Day 5

We spent a leisurely Christmas morning opening presents at the hotel and eating our continental breakfast then taking a visit to Hamilton Park in Weehawken during the daytime on our way out of town.

Saying goodbye to New York, New York...the city so great, they named it twice ;)

After leaving Hamilton Park, we drove to our hotel in Trevose, PA (just outside of Philly) and looked for a place to eat. Unfortunately, since it was Christmas, absolutely nothing was open to eat at (not even fast food places). Well...almost nothing. We ended up eating lunch/dinner at Starbucks and then went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

03 January 2008

Christmas in NY - Day 4

Day 4 was our last day in the city and was spent tooling around lower Manhattan (the financial district) and the Empire State Building.

Nicole and the kids on the shuttle bus into the city

Fraunces Tavern, NY Stock Exchange, Federal Hall

Scenes of Trinity Church, better known by my children as the church on National Treasure (I tried to get a bit artsy on this one).

South Street Seaport with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge


Grand Central Station

Empire State Building

The light above is a view of Times Square from the Empire State Building

Micah with the Silver Surfer in front of a comic store

Rebekkah and Micah in front of a Macy's window displays

And the end of the day again at Times Square. We had dinner at a restaurant called Roxy Delicatessen which was majorly overpriced and really not all that good in our opinion (but not as bad as Astro Restaurant).