20 April 2008

Big Butter Jesus

AKA: "Touchdown Jesus" or "Drowning Jesus"

We went to Cincinnati last weekend to visit the new IKEA in West Chester. Since we were going to be over there we thought we'd stop by and see "Big Butter Jesus" just off of I-75 behind the megachurch Solid Rock Church in Monroe. It is a 62-ft. high fiberglass and styrofoam over metal frame depiction of Christ after the Resurrection looming over the Baptismal Pool. As if these pictures weren't enough entertainment for your day there is also a nice song on YouTube for your listening/viewing enjoyment.

08 April 2008

Columbus Zoo and Hockey

The zoo had a member's only Easter event where they had candy and such which we attended with the Milmores. During the week we went to a Junior Blue Jackets hockey game in Columbus. We wish we would have went to a NHL Blue Jackets game instead but oh well...we had fun and we each got ourselves a new hat ;-)

Katelyn Milmore's Birthday

On Saturday we spent the day at the Milmore's celebrating Katelyn's 3rd birthday. The party had a princess theme so everyone bought her clothes (naturally) and princess stuff. This first picture is of Rebekkah and Katelyn playing in the bubble-making machine.

Pretty much the only game that they played was pin-the-crown-on-the-princess. Luckily for Katelyn, whe was not the princess that everyone was trying to pin the crown to.

One thing we've learned after living in Ohio for almost a year is that it seems to rain all the time. And I'm not talking Seattle rain which amounts to a constant mist, but the kind of rain that causes floods all the time. These rains combined with moles that create mazes of tunnels underneath your grass equals mudholes perfect for an after party stomping. Here the kids are stomping the mud like they are attempting to "make brickes without straw."

07 April 2008

Easter in Chillicothe

We spent Easter at the Milmore's in Chillicothe this year. The kids found their Easter baskets and did an indoor Easter egg hunt and then we had a nice Easter dinner.

Waverly Park Bike Riding

We have been trying to regularly go to the track down at the high school but there was a track meet this night. We had loaded the kids' bikes in the van and they were going to ride while Nicole and I walked. Since the track was being used we decided to go to a park in Waverly and walk around it.

The kids got on their bikes and found this skate/bike area. After we were done walking we all took a try at it. Only Rebekkah went on the really steep one and ended up getting hurt because she closed her eyes. Here are some pictures.

06 April 2008

Visit Home - Sunday Hike

On Sunday 3/9 we skipped church and went on a hike up Badger Mountain with the Eders. While Nicole had done this hike before, this was the first time for me and the kids. Surprisingly it was not an extremely difficult hike but was just about right. And the view of the Tri-Cities area was gourgeous! I had a really good time on this chilly Sunday morning with the Eders. Thanks for inviting us!

Visit Home

While home we got to spend time with our good friends the Eders and the Maillouxs. Actually the visit home was spent seeing all of our friends and hauling the kids around from house to house to get their fill of playing since we don't have a lot of friends in Ohio.

On Saturday 3/1 we spent the entire day with the Maillouxs. In this picture below Tristan is bequeathing his beloved Brett Favre shirt to Micah. It was a momentous occasion.

On Saturday 3/8 we went to Chad Eder's birthday party. First we went out to P.F. Changs for dinner and then went to Chad's house for snacks and port. We drank port from Portugal in port glasses from Portugal. It was a great time with all of the Eders and the Adairs.

It was a great time that week seeing good friends again. Thank you everyone. We miss you all very much!

Visit Home - Pendleton

On Saturday of our trip home we went to Pendleton to visit Nicole's family. Somehow we didn't get very many pictures of our own kids but several of neices and nephews. These are the only two pictures of either of our kids. Micah spent most of the day across the street at the park playing. We just hung out all day and caught up with family to get our Petersen fill ;-)