08 April 2008

Katelyn Milmore's Birthday

On Saturday we spent the day at the Milmore's celebrating Katelyn's 3rd birthday. The party had a princess theme so everyone bought her clothes (naturally) and princess stuff. This first picture is of Rebekkah and Katelyn playing in the bubble-making machine.

Pretty much the only game that they played was pin-the-crown-on-the-princess. Luckily for Katelyn, whe was not the princess that everyone was trying to pin the crown to.

One thing we've learned after living in Ohio for almost a year is that it seems to rain all the time. And I'm not talking Seattle rain which amounts to a constant mist, but the kind of rain that causes floods all the time. These rains combined with moles that create mazes of tunnels underneath your grass equals mudholes perfect for an after party stomping. Here the kids are stomping the mud like they are attempting to "make brickes without straw."

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