22 September 2009

Lame Excuses

I'm posting to explain our delinquency in posting (i.e., give lame excuses). We have both been seriously thinking about posting but have had very little time. Rebekkah's homework is pretty much a nightmare because she gets some every night and we (i.e., I) end up having to not only translate everything but also teaching her the lesson she was supposed to have heard in class. Also we have been busy on the weekends traveling and such.

Furthermore Nicole will not let me post pictures that she has not edited and she wants to start doing the blog (which she does not know how to do yet). So the activity of this blog awaits us to have time and awaits Nicole learning how to use Photoshop Elements and the blog. So there's really no telling when a new post of France will happen.

Also I have a piece of information I'm sure all of you were dying to know. Motorcyclists in France give the two finger motorcyclist wave when they pass by eachother just like those in the United States. I'm thinking this may be included in the licensing program for motorcyclists. If anyone has additional information on this please let me know.

Lastly, for your edification here is a video on youtube for the plant that I work at here in France: