11 September 2008

The Office - Season 5

Get ready for the Season 5 of The Office that starts in two short weeks! Check out a selection of the full episodes online to prepare yourselves. Finally, brush up on your Dunder-Mifflin trivia at Dunderpedia.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Before we left Ohio for Kentucky, Nicole took the kids hiking with the Milmore's neighbors (The Traceys, Micah's little friend, Parker) to a place called Hocking Hills State Park about 40 minutes from Chillicothe. The kids a fun time hiking around with their friends before we had to leave them. Hiking is our new family hobby.

On his adventures Micah found a crawfish which he is showing off in the picture below. He also found a tree that looks as if it was designed to fit a Micah in the middle of it!

A month after leaving Ohio we just had to go back. We went back with the Noels for a long Labor Day weekend since we had about four days off. This time we went hiking to Hocking Hills with the Milmores and Noels. This first picture is of the Noel's dog Addie who came with us.

The first set of pictures were taken at the Old Man's Cave trail. What's sort of humorous is that the trails have cave in their names when they are not really caves but overhanging rock. Nevertheless as the website states, "A mile-long gorge at Old Man's Cave displays a variety of geologic features, including waterfalls, sandstone cliffs and rock formations...Old Man's Cave is also home to the 149-foot-tall hemlock that's said to be the tallest tree in Ohio. The name Old Man's Cave refers to the rock shelter that was once the home of Richard Rowe, a 19th-century hermit who is said to be buried beneath a cave ledge on the premises."

This second set of pictures were taken at Ash Cave trail. One part of the trail shown in the last picture was along the top edge of the rock about 90 feet high with absolutely no railing. I'm almost certain that there has been some Darwin awards given to people hiking on this part of the trail. According to the website Ash Cave "is perhaps the most awe-inspiring feature of Hocking Hills State Park. With a horseshoe-shaped rim that spans 700 feet, Ash Cave is, in a word, enormous. It measures 100 feet from front to back and 90 feet from the rim's edge to the floor below. Adding to the dramatic visual impact of Ash Cave is a waterfall that cascades over the rim of the cave."

This was a cute little frog that we saw right before Micah got bitten/stung by a pesky fly/bee (as you can tell, we could not come to an agreement as to what it was that attached Micah).

04 September 2008

Greetings from Paducah, Kentucky

As you might have realized, we have not been updating the blog lately very much. This is because we left Ohio at the beginning of August and moved to Paducah, Kentucky. This means that we have been without a home or internet for the past month. We lived with Derek and Emily Noel (co-worker/friend and his wife) for the first three weeks of the month while we searched for a place to stay that wasn't a hotel.

We found a nice, clean two bedroom townhome which we were able to fully furnish for under $300 (praise the Lord). We were able to borrow beds and washer and dryer from the Noel's and their friends and found furniture at yardsales (couch and loveseat for $50, table and six chairs for $90, coffee table for $7, TV stand and cupboard for $20, and then other miscellaneous items from Walmart).

For the next week I'll be trying to catch up with all of the pictures that we've been taking since our last post. Stay tuned!