22 February 2009

Paducah Ice Storm

Here are some artistic shots the day before the really bad part of the Paducah area ice storm. This was Tuesday morning 1/27 and we have some pictures and videos of the aftermath of the storm that night. The worst parts were Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We left to drive back to Washington on Wednesday morning and so missed the worst part.

We really wanted to get a good sleep on Tuesday night that was not happening. Between the trees cracking and dropping, to the sirens, then the chainsaws at 5am, we probably only got about two hours of sleep total. It was an event I do not think I'll ever forget.

And here are some other pics and videos on the web. The aftermath a few weeks later looked like a tornado or hurricane had come through the area. Some people were without power for up to 8 weeks!


Sleepover at the Allen's

Before Christmas we had a family sleepover at the Allen's. It was a great time of games and just hanging out. The pictures of Nicole and Micah on that board are a balance trainer called Indo Board. It was a fun little tool that I'm now seriously thinking about purchasing myself. It is really hard!

Trip to Arkansas

Ever since Nicole went to see Kelly while she was visiting her sister Lisa in the Little Rock area when we were in Ohio we'd been meaning to visit there as a family and stop by Memphis on the way. So since we had two more weeks there we took the second to last week to go there.

We drove down to Beale Street to see what was there and decided not to get out and walk around because it didn't look exciting enough. Instead we drove through, got out, and took some pictures.

Next we visited Elvis's home called Graceland. The home has been restored to its condition when he died and also contains a museum. I could probably give you a bunch of tidbits about the guided tour but I will not bore you. You can cruise the website or Wikipedia article if you really want to know more. The one thing I will say is that apparently Elvis liked mirrors.

After going here I ended up renting the Elvis Miniseries which aired on CBS. It was a very interesting movie and I highly recommend it if you want to learn a little more about the life of the King of Rock-n-Roll the lazy man's way.

When we got to Todd & Lisa's house the first thing Micah wanted to do was try on Todd's flying helmet. The second set of pictures are of us getting the grand tour of Todd's work at the air force base. We had a great time visiting the Sangster's and getting to see the base. It was a good learning experience for us all. Thanks for the fun time Sangster's. Thanks for the hospitality. We hope to see you next time in France!!