21 February 2009

Trip to Arizona - Christmas

These are a bit out of order because I forgot about the Christmas Eve and Christmas day photos. David and Jenny traditionally open all of their presents on Christmas Eve so when in Rome we do what the other Hoxworth's do. So we all got up late (except for the kids of course) and got dressed up for pictures and Christmas Eve dinner. Here are the pictures:

Who would have thought that we would be picking oranges on Christmas Eve!?

Here are some pre-photo shoot photos...and the dueling computers.

And the outdoor photo shoot...

And finally Christmas Eve dinner! Man was it good!!! Thanks Jenny!

Then someone here got fancy and took some artistic shots

After Christmas Eve dinner is the climax of the evening for the kids...opening presents!! But first the kids dress up in Santa hats and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

And then the opening of presents...it was a Wii Christmas for everyone. Look at the sheer delight in their faces.

Then we musn't forget the assembling of the presents. Here grandpa helps Micah assemble his very complicated Batmobile.

Christmas morning is when the stockings get opened.

Then on Christmas evening we went to look at Christmas lights. It was just amazing at how much people decorate. There were more than a few of those that had the animated light show like the one below. Before this I had only seen it on the internet and thought it was a rarity. Apparently it's not so rare in Gilbert, AZ.

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