21 February 2009

Trip to Arizona - Sea World

The last visit in California was to Sea World in San Diego. The first exhibit we visited was Rocky Point Reserve where the kids got to pet the dolphins. It was $6 for three fish which was a total rip off but it got the dolphins close and let the kids to the front.

The first show we went to was the Dolphin Discovery. For the first 10 minutes or so they introduced a family that you later come to find out was a dad and his daughter with a woman who was actually a trainer who ends up "falling" into the water.

The second show we went to was Shamu Show: Believe. It was an amazing but sort of cheesy show that made the bizarre statement that humans and orcas have been trying to become one for ages. Not really too sure what that was all about. Other than that, the show was quite entertaining.

These pictures are at Flamingo Cove where you can gaze at some amazingly colorful (or so I'm told...I'm colorblind) Caribbean flamingos. Then there was this small really red bird that made Micah laugh uncontrollably. It was funny.

The last show we went to was called Pets Rule! It was a jaw dropping show (probably actually my personal favorite) where animals of all sorts did things you wouldn't even believe. I never realized that you could train ducks and cats.

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