16 December 2008

Thanksgiving in St Louis

For Thanksgiving we invited ourselves over to the McCord's house in St. Louis (Kara Osborne, now McCord was a friend of Nicole's from high school).

While we waited for the food to cook the men and the kids went to the park to play soccer and football.

This is a picture of R.B. kicking the ball and then the after effects when it hit his daughter in the chest. It was very sad but then very sweet.

This was the smoked turkey after it was done in the smoker. C'est magnifique.

One of the days we were there we all went to down to the Hill to have some coffee and hot cocoa at Shaw's Coffee, Ltd.

After that we went to a park to play for a bit.

On the way home we stopped by the St. Louis Cathedral again to show the kids and take some more pictures.

On the way out we also stopped by the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site. The kids also got their passport books stamped and we got to try on some cool old clothes.