01 December 2008

Gulf Shores, Alabama

After Mobile (which might I say again is not a very cool place to visit) we drove to Gulf Shores, Alabama. This was totally awesome. It was toward the end of October and it was warm enough for us to swim in the ocean. The beaches had beautiful white sand with relatively pretty ocean water (though nothing compared Cancun or Hawaii).

We stayed a hotel right across from the beach (just walked across the street) which was decent and spent two half days at the beach. Here are pictures of us and the kids playing at the beach. The first pictures are the kids being goofy on the way there.

We went to Jimmy Buffett's younger sister's restaurant called LuLu's. It was a really family fun open air restaurant at the marina which has a sand volleyball court, a running movie to watch while you wait, fish to feed down in the canal, etc. Plus it had live music and good food! The first picture is a scary dressed up dude for the haunted house that was going on from the highschoolers right out in the restaurant parking lot.

On the way out of town to Fort Morgan we stopped by a few interesting stores and let the kids ride the go-carts. They had a ball and did a really good job at driving the cars.

Before we left town we stopped by Fort Morgan which was the site of the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War.

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