26 November 2008

Mobile, Alabama

After visiting New Orleans we traveled to Mobile in our tour of Alabama, etc. We loved New Orleans, despite its stench, but did not much care for Mobile since there was really nothing to do there.
We traveled downtown and stopped at Fort Conde. Again, not much to see here but here are some pictures.

For lunch we went to the legendary Wintzell's Oyster House. I thought I'd be brave and try all sorts of different types of oysters but boy was that a mistake. You can see my plate below which is the Oyster Sampler. The one on the left almost made me vomit since it felt and tasted disgusting. The one next to it was almost as bad. The two on the right were bearable. Needless to say I will not be getting oysters again.

On the way out we stopped and took some pictures of a wedding going on at the city cathedral. Not as pretty as some of the catherdrals I've seen and we didn't get a good look because of the wedding but here are some pictures nonetheless.


Brian & Tami & Family said...

Hey! I love seeing all your pictures and links from your world travels! Tell me please, how do you get your pictures to fit side-by-side in your posts? Are you just writing the HTML or is there a trick to it? I can't get mine to do that...they just let me pick the justification (left, right, center) and size. It always just stacks the pictures instead of letting them sit next to each other. I really need to know this info. :) Thanks for telling me when you get a chance. You can email me if you want...

Thanks Doug, and give hugs to Nicole and the kids for me.

Love, Tami

Jennifer Hoxworth said...

You are brave to even order oysters. I tried them a couple times, since I did grow up in Seattle :) But I agree, they are one of the most disgusting(in both taste and texture), foods I have ever tried!! I will never eat them again. Well... maybe if I was starving to death...or maybe not! I honestly don't get what the draw is!

We are so excited to see you guys soon!!! Counting the days :)!!!