01 December 2008

Montgomery, Alabama

After we left Gulf Shores we travelled to Montgomery to see a few historic places. We stayed in a Red Roof which was pretty nice (about half the price of all the other hotels we stayed at on this trip) and I ran to the convenience store to pick up some milk. It was pretty funny because the lady at the counter had a massive grill in her mouth. I had seen this on television but never in person so it was an experience.

Anyway, our first visit was the Capital which still had the flags of the confederacy flying proudly (on one side of the building...the other side had US and individual state flags; you can see them in the background of the first picture if you look really close). I learned that the confederate battle flag (which is not the "Stars and Bars" as it seems that many refer to it as) was actually never the official confederate flag. Anyway, here are pictures of the Capital.

Right next door they moved the First White House of the Confederacy which housed Jefferson Davis and his family. I haven't visited the US White House but this house was not worthy to be called such. It was basically just a 19th century nice house. While there we learned that the Jefferson Davis Monument was less than a hour from us in Paducah, KY. Here are some pictures of the White House.

Then on the way home we stopped by the Confederate Memorial Park which is the site of Alabama's only Old Soldiers Home for Confederate Veterans. There really wasn't all that much to see here but it did give an interesting perspective of the Civil War from the confederate point of view. All of the other museums we'd been to were more from the Union point of view.

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