17 February 2009

Trip to Michigan - Hoxworth Christmas, Goodbyes, etc.

These first pictures are the final events at the Simpsons/Panters. This is the puzzle we worked on all week and finally finished at the end of the week. Man that sky was hard!

We went out to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse for our goodbye dinner :-( We had a really great time with the Simpsons with everything we did. Thank you for letting us invade your personal family vacation time! We love you!!!

While we were in Michigan visiting the Simpsons on their Christmas vacation it just so happened that my dad's side of the family (my aunts, uncles, and cousins) were having the Hoxworth family Christmas. So we decided to invade their time as well and invite ourselves to the tradition annual Hoxworth Family Christmas gathering. Here are the pictures.

Rebekkah and Aunt Jan

Nicole and Aunt Sonja

Uncle Brian with Grandma and Grandpa Hoxworth

Here are some pictures of Micah playing in the cold snow with the cat. He basically spent the entire time outside with the exception of coming in to eat. And it was friggin' cold! What a crazy kid.

Aunt Polly with her new grand daughter Quinn

Me and my cousin Jeff

This is my crazy cousin Caleb sporting a mullet. He says he grew it because a friend said that they would get a cat if he grew a mullet. Random...I know. But I suppose you just have to know my cousin to get it.

My cousin Kim and her husband adopted this cute little boy, Tima, from Russia. He seemed to really like Rebekkah and Rebekkah had a good time entertaining him. She is just going to be the best babysitter!

Here are pictures of us with my grandparents.

Finally here is a picture of Nicole with my cousin Kim who adopted the boy from Russia. It had been a long time since I had seen everyone (17 years for some) and Nicole had never met some of my family. We really had a good time talking with Kim and will hopefully have more times in the near future that we can get together again.

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