01 January 2008

Christmas in NY - Day 3

Day 3 was spent all day at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I had alloted that day to see all of the lower Manhattan items but unfortunately all of the security and getting on and off of ferries would not accommodate this. So we put those items off until the next day and spent all day enjoying the cold and rainy weather.

Thankfully, the Statue of Liberty was totally worth all of the waiting. In all of our opinion, it was the best attraction in Manhattan.

We heard before we saw it that it was not as big as you expect it to be. I think in general that this is true but it was still quite large and is an amazing monument to behold.

I did not realize it but the statue is made of copper which is only about 2 pennies thick overlaid over an iron framework (later replaced with stainless steel after the iron corroded). I'm embarrased to say that I thought it was made out of stone.

This is our approach and pictures of Nicole and the kids in front of actual size replicas of the face and foot.

This is Micah in the wind. It was so windy that day that it nearly blew Micah's coat off.

Trek and visit to Ellis Island.

This was a really cool display at Ellis Island that was a flag when looked at from one side and pictures of people when looked at from the other.

Ground Zero and Nicole and the kids at dinner at a quaint little Irish restaurant called Ohara's. I had Irish stew which was basically just regular stew, but was very tasty. And the service merited a good tip this time.

A friend from work who lives south of Oradell, NJ came and picked us up and took us to Hamilton Park in Weehawken, NJ to see NY from a perspective that most tourists don't get to and take some pictures. This is a website of some NY photos I found while looking for information on Hamilton Park.

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Jason & Jodee said...

I knew the statue was copper, but only from X-Men :). "A bolt of lightning into a huge copper conductor...and I thought you worked at a school."