09 February 2008

New Years Party

I broke out the camera to take some pictures of the iPhone yesterday and discovered that I had pictures from New Years that I had failed to download to my computer and upload to the blog.

We spent our New Years at the Milmore's house (friend from work). Below are the pictures of that crazy night. We though about staying the night so our kids got in their jammies but we decided to just take the long drive home from Chillicothe so that we could wake up in our own beds.

First we had dinner and snacks. Then we played games and had an elephant gift exchange. Everyone stayed up until mid-night to watch the ball drop. At the end of the night we lit up the sparklers and went crazy. Here are the pics.


Jason & Jodee said...

That's an awesome picture of Nicole at the table! And we were once at an "elephant" party and someone gave away a carton of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Not just a box, but a carton of like 6 boxes. Some of us felt the strong desire to remind them that an elephant party is supposed to be crap. Like the plunger :).

The "J' Eder Family said...