25 March 2008

Visit Home - Field Trip to the Police Station

On Friday of our trip home we took the kids to a homeschool field trip to the Richland Police station. I, of course, had to answer the question that was asked the kids about what they thought that police officers did that one of their duties was to eat donuts. Needless to say, they (the kids or the police officers) did not find this all that humorous. Oh well, that's ok. I was humored. So it served its purpose.

We all got to try on the bulletproof vests and the 'drunk goggles.' These goggles were supposed to simulate what it is like to be drunk. I tried them on and they seemed like a bunch of hooey to me. It never looked like that when I was drunk (not that I've ever been drunk).

We also got to sit in the police car which was fun for everyone. I got in the back seat and one of the kids (or was it a parent setting a good example for the children...I can't recall) shut the door on me. Since it was the seat where they transport people in custody you could not open the door from the inside. This meant that I nearly went crazy since I am somewhat claustrophobic. It was a good end to the field trip for me to get let out of the car.

After the field trip we got lunch from Arby's and went to Howard Amon park where the kids had fun playing on the big toys and climbing the walls.

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