02 March 2009

Father-Daughter Ball 2009

While I was looking at family pictures of some high school friends of mine on facebook while thinking about our annual visit to the Father-Daughter ball put on by Calvary Chapel at the TRAC and I had a crazy idea to organize an outing with old high school friends and their daughters. It was a total blast; all the girls and dads had a fantastic time though unfortunately about three friends couldn't go because they were out of town (or from out of town).

These first pictures are of us disembarking in the limousine. This was both my and Rebekkah's first limo ride. We just happened to have some sparkling cider in the garage (almost like we planned it, but we didn't) that we chilled in the limo and had some on our ride. The driver took us across the blue bridge and then through Columbia Park and up Columbia Center Blvd to Red Lobster for dinner.

Micah was a bit jealous as he wanted to go on the limousine ride as well. Maybe they'll have a Mother-Son ball someday. Who knows...

Here we are at dinner at Red Lobster. Rebekkah and I split the Ultimate Feast which was lobster, crab, two types of shrimp with rice, a salad, and clam chowder. It was yummy.

After dinner the limo driver dropped us back off at our house where we had some dessert. We had brownies and ice cream or peach cobler and ice cream. When we were done we all piled in my van and went to the ball.

Here are some pictures of us dancing at the ball. We were getting a few confused stares because we were getting our grooves on. I think they suspected we might be a little wierd.

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Jason & Jodee said...

"Suspected" you might be a little weird...you mean found you out!