21 January 2010

Christmas Cruise - On the Boat

Here are some pictures on the boat. Unfortunately we really didn't that many pictures or videos of the boat. While we took a lot on our excursions we didn't carry our cameras around the boat all that much. Anyway, here they are...

Here is the kids getting on the boat finally after almost 3 hours wait.

These are a couple of pictures of sunrises somewhere along our journey.

This was the bizarre chapel in the boat.

This was where we had dinner every night. Here the servers are going to start a little show and everyone is waving their napkins. Man was the food good!

This is Rebekkah and Nicole waiting for the fashion show.

This is the kids at one of the four pools. Surprisingly they only swam one time. I went on the slides on the top of the ship on the second to the last day. It was freezing.

This is the kids waiting for one of the shows to begin in the theatre.

These are pictures of the boat.

This is a picture of the hallway outside our room.

A picture of the casino...

Rebekkah with her new friend she met who is an American living in Paris.

Picture of our room

Picture of the elevators from the central area of the boat

This is Nicole and I going through the Strait of Messina between Sicily and mainland Italy.

These are pictures of the top of the boat.

This is pictures of the kids at the disco place. In the first pictures Rebekkah is doing her final Macarena with her new friend who is an American living in Germany.

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