30 August 2007

Blue Jacket Drama

Several weeks ago we went to the outdoor Indian drama Blue Jacket. It was similar to the outdoor drama Tecumseh. According to some stories and the outdoor drama, Blue Jacket was a white man who was adopted by the Shawnee Indians and later became a war chief. According to Wikipedia, this is hogwash. Whatever the real history is, we all enjoyed the drama immensely though we did not feel that it was quite as good as Tecumseh. Mostly it was just "different." There were less battle scenes but one was really cool because they shot firey arrows at a fort. There was less pyrotechnics and special effects. Tecumseh had cool special effects of a scalping and white man gutting. It really looked real. I wished I could have recorded it. Anyway, this time we got pictures. The dude on the left was the Indian who kept appearing everytime someone dying. Our theory is that he represents the "Great Spirit." The dude on the right is Blue Jacket.

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