24 August 2007

Micah's Two Front Teeth

Micah is finally starting to lose his teeth. He lost his right front top tooth at Pizza Hut in Waverly. That one came out really easy. The left front top one, however, was another story. Micah, Nicole, and I all yanked on that several times to no avail. Finally after getting home from the National Air Force Museum I pulled it out. Micah was very excited as you can tell from the pictures.


Jason & Jodee said...

Oi...that's great for Micah, but man is that a job I'm not looking forward to. Maybe I'll get less squeamish as Zach gets older.

"What say you?" When do we need to buy tickets to the game?

Hoxworths said...

it's gotta be next weekend (9/7 or 8) or the last weekend in Sept (9/28 or 29). that's about it. what say ye?