10 July 2009

Delinquent Postings...blame it on France!

This post is for those of you who thought we died or just that we were no longer blogging. We are still planning on blogging but we have just been seriously crazy busy getting ready to move to France for two years. The picture below if proof of the list that we had to work off. Nicole thought it would be a good idea to create a giant checklist to work off the items. It proved to be very efficient and we almost have the whole thing worked off now. Here is a brief synopsis of what has happened since I got back from Kentucky in early April:

  • I can't remember what we did in April. That's too long ago but I know it was crazy busy.

  • May was spent with language training every night after work. That with homework every night kept us busy enough. Oh yeah...we also had a huge yard sale and catalogued all of our books with the help of our good friends the Montgomerys. Thanks guys!

  • June was spent going to France on our orientation trip to pick out a house, schools, visit the workplace; selling our home; language training; and moving out of our home.

  • Our last month here in the US is being spent finishing up piles and piles of paperwork for everything you could ever think of (including finally getting a will), cultural training, visiting family and friends, language training, picking up our visas, and packing. We leave for France on 7/31.
It has indeed been a whirlwind and I will post more details when I get more time. For now, be entertained by the magnificent picture of our enshrined list. TTFN...et à la prochaine!

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Sarah said...

Glad to hear everything is proceeding along. I hope you guys get everything off your list so you can breathe a little before we say bon voyage! I also hope your house-hunting trip went well...