23 July 2009

Trip Home from Paducah

Here was our trip home from memory.

Day 1, 843 miles: Finally left Paducah at about 11:30am because it took so long to get all of the snow and ice off of the car and get it packed up and unstuck from the grass of the apartments because we got it stuck. We passed through St. Louis and Kansas City and hopped on I-80 and stayed the night in North Platte, Nebraska. I think I remember getting in about 1 or 2am.

Day 2, 778 miles: Got an early start and took I-80 from there to Pocatello, Idaho making a stop in Twin Falls, Idaho to visit Nicole's grandfather (the only great grandfather left for our kids to visit).

This was what the road looked like from Twin Falls to Pocatello.

In Pocatello we stayed with Nicole's brothers Jed and his wife and Korth's family sans Korth. We had a nice home cooked dinner and got to see family again after not seeing them for almost two years.

Day 3, 524 miles: We left Pocatello, Idaho pretty early and stopped in Pendleton, Oregon to see more family before going home to Pasco. The first picture is the road on top of Cabbage Hill into Pendleton, Oregon. Nicole is looking out the window at my knock wondering what's going on. I recall finally getting home around 7pm. It was a very quick trip home. We drove like mad to get home as soon as we could. It was really nice to be done.

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The Milmores said...

Oh my goodness- the picture of Rebekkah with the little girl looks jsut like Nicole with different hair!