25 July 2007

At the Upchurch's in Louisville, KY

We remembered that the Upchurches were stranded in Louisville, KY from seminary and thought we'd give them a call and see if we could visit them. We were very excited to see them and their new addition to their family. So we drove about 3.5 hrs southwest into Kentucky and crashed on their floor, ate their food, played their Wii, used their pool, and just made a complete nuisance of ourselves. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of this so we will deny that it ever happened.

On Saturday we went to this cool pick-it-yourself farm called Joe Huber Family Farm and Restaurant about 40 minutes from the Upchurch's in Indiana. We did get pictures of this and so we cannot deny that it happened. We picked grapes and blueberries but unfortunately did not allot enough time for blackberries and rasberries. Here are the pictures:

Upchurch baby (Zach) with a random family.

Upchurch baby (Zach) with a random kids.

Micah and Rebekkah being 'fruity'

Hoxworth veggies

Nicole and the Upchurches

Micah riding the horse

Rebekkah riding the rooster

Hoxworths at the farm

Rebekkah feeding Z. We think she will make a fanstastic babysitter someday. And hopefully, she doesn't break any of their limbs in the process ;-)

Nicole and Jodee reading the last Harry Potter book together. It only took Nicole about two days to read it!

Hoxworths and Upchurches on our bed (i.e., their couch)

Tired kids on the way home


Jason & Jodee said...

I'm so excited we made it on someone's blog!! The pic of Micah on the horse is super cute...I was in the car feeding Zach ice cream :). And if that's what you guys call a nuisance, we need more of it! (even though there's no proof) I didn't know we wore out your kids so much... :)

Hoxworths said...

i think it was the Wii. that gave them an awesome workout!

Mom said...

What a wonderful and beautiful family you have.

Zach looks like he fits in with the gang: Upchurch baby (Zach) with a random family.

Jason, my dear son, you are on my blogspot but I suppose Moms blogspots are too momish.

Again, beautiful family and great pics.

Jason's Mom