09 December 2007

North Shore - Gloucester and Rockport

Here is a picture of us in front of the Fisherman's Memorial at Gloucester (pronouned Glawster). This was the city that the movie "The Perfect Storm" was filmed from.

These pictures are of a beach on the North Shore and of the city of Rockport. We stopped and ate at a restaurant called Portside Chowder House and Rebekkah got to help make some fudge at the Fudgery.


SalvadorSimpsons said...

Watching the kids next to the water reminds me of the last we were all at the beach, only we were in suimsuits and the kids COULD get wet!!! It sure looks cold, but it also looks fun!!! I miss you guys so much!!!

Andy said...

Thank you Doug. I always wondered what first cousin twice removed meaant.