03 December 2007

Hoxworth Genealogy

When we went to the Renaissance Festival back in October we purchased our family coat of arms at this booth called Heraldry & Crests (Historical Research Center, Inc.). The Hoxworth coat of arms looks something like this:

My dad did a little more research and made a better one that I have at home somewhere. I found out when having them look up both Hoxworth and Hawksworth (from which Hoxworth evolved), that they each have different coat of arms. Hoxworth looks like the above with three falcons and some other miscellaneous items and apparently Hawksworth has three lions and some other miscellaneous items. The colors are also different between the two.

This inspired me to do a little internet search to see what I could find out online about my heritage. I found out that we have a village with a castle of sorts:

I also found a bit of history about my ancestors, the earliest of which can be traced being Sir Walter de Hawksworth in the eleventh century who resided in the Village of Hawksworth in England. Here is the history:


Heck, we even have our own website equipped with a discussion forum!

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