20 October 2007

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Last Sunday we spent all day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. It was a beautiful October day of about 80F. When I saw it I thought it might be cheesy but it was not a bit. We enjoyed it so much that we wished we had found it sooner.

The festival meets every weekend for 2 mos. It happens at a re-created 30-acre medieval village with shops, shows, games, and music all throughout the village in Harveysville, OH (about an hour from Cincinnati).

We went to several of the shows: Saffron Finch, Pirate Stunt Show, Jousting, and the Swordsmen. Our favorite was Saffron Finch who was sort of like a jester. Nicole volunteered for one of his acts which was to make a bologna sandwich with his feet. He made it and she actually ate it! We have a video of it but it was much too large to put on the site.

I got volunteered to go up front for the Swordsmen show which was two funny guys Kirk and Guido who did tricks with swords and told jokes. They were teaching me to do a manly walk to woo my woman. At the end we were told to get our women and kiss them.

Micah got to try on a helmet at one of the shops. This was just one of many shops to look at in the village.

There was also a real full armor joust. Unfortunately no one got knocked off of their horse and there were no sword, axe, mace, etc. fights. The jousting was not quite as cool as I thought it would be but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

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Maggie said...

We did not go this year but we have been a few times and really enjoyed it. The kids always talk about the pirate show and giant turkey legs.