16 October 2007

Mohican Valley Trail - Bridge of Dreams

On our trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, after our visit to Lancaster, we learned that just 3 short hours away was the largest community of Amish on the planet in Holmes County. So we decided to take a drive north to once again spy a look at people who seem a bit odd to us.

On our way there, we spotted a stop along the side of the road called the Mohican Valley Trail. This trail includes a beautiful view of the Mohican River from the 370 foot long Bridge of Dreams. This covered bridge was built by local citizens on an old train bridge and is supposedly the longest in Ohio and the second longest in the country.

While there, some random trail riders passed by on horseback and Nicole hit them up to take our kids for a quick spin around on their horses. So on our kids jumped on the horse and took a turn for about 5 minutes. The kids had a fun time and we got some good pictures and video. It was a nice 30 minute break after two hours of driving.

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