23 September 2007

Day 3 Pennsylvania - Lancaster

The third day was spent invading any shred of privacy that the Amish communities of Lancaster County (it's pronounced "LANE-KEST-R", with the emphasis on the KEST) may have left after the weekend invasions.

To me the whole thing felt a little wierd; almost like we were going to a zoo where the specimens to view were people who were Amish instead of animals. One immediately obvious difference was that the specimens waved at you. The whole time I was wondering what they thought of us. They probably think we're a bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do than drive around and stare at them as they work to put food on the table.

Anyway, we first stopped at the Mennonite Information Center to watch a short film about the old order Amish. It was very educational and just talked about who the Amish are and what they believe. We learned that the largest old order Amish community in the world was right in our neck of the woods in Holmes County, OH. Lancaster County, PA was the second largest old order Amish community in the world.

After the film we hopped in the car and proceeded to drive around their neighborhoods. It was apparent that they did not have washers and dryers since every house had gigantic clotheslines with massive amounts of identical looking clothes and towels on them.

The Mennonites live among the Amish here and so there were shops every so often run by Mennonites (since Amish are not self promoting and do not use electricity, etc.). We stopped at several recommended places along the way. There was a Mennonite bakery where we got some whole wheat hot dog and hamburger buns, pastries, and ice cream. The kids also fed some goats here. At a petting zoo along the way, we took a picture of this wooly cow that was something we'd never seen before. The petting zoo was actually really disgusting so we didn't stay here very long.

At the end of the day we bought some homemade root beer for $2/bottle and it was totally disgusting. It tasted like nasty medicine. The last stop before we drove home was Intercourse, PA. Now we can say that we've been there. Nothing here exciting enough to write home about. We opted not to take a carriage ride here since we thought we just do one when we visit Holmes County, OH.


Jason & Jodee said...

"Too many jokes...must mock Joey..." Intercourse, seriously? Huh. "You changed it TO Latrene?" And the root beer - I wonder if it was homemade? My grandmother used to make it and it usually tasted pretty nasty as well. I'll take the "fake" stuff out of a can any day of the week. :)

Hoxworths said...

no kidding. we also tried some natural amish sodas near waverly on the way to dayton and it was just as gross. again, it was like medicine. we know now not to buy any soda type drinks made by the amish. yuck!