27 September 2007

Cleveland Zoo

Since we apparently didn't see enough dinosaurs at the Creation Museum and Dinosaurs Alive!, we decided that we should catch the dinos at the Cleveland Zoo before they became extinct from there as well! There were lots of live animals at the zoo, but we're only going to post the pictures with the kids in them which also just happened to be the pictures with the dinosaurs in them.

Here are the kids being eaten by a snake!

Kids petting the Amargasaurus.

Rebekkah and the Muttaburrasaurus.

Micah and the Deinonychus Slasher.

Rebekkah and the Suchomimus.

Kids and the Torosaurus.

Kids getting scared by the T-Rex.


Jason & Jodee said...

I didn't know you guys had dinos at your zoo...we don't have any at ours :(. Hey, can you get me your addy? I forgot to give Nicole a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon. Thanks!!

P.S. We miss you guys! Please come visit any time!!

Jason & Jodee said...

Oh wait, that was Cleveland, not your zoo. Faith in my zoo is restored :).