22 September 2007

Day 2 Pennsylvania - Harrisburg

Unlike Day 1 in Pennsylvania, Day 2 was a day to remember. This day we visited a park, a civil war museum, and Gettysburg.

This first picture is of a bridge that spans the Susquehana River near Harrisburg about 2 miles from where we stayed. It is called Rockville Stone Arch Bridge and is one of the longest stone arch bridges in the world (this picture is for the engineers reading this blog). This picture was taken from Fort Hunter Mansion and Park which was also pretty cool.

This was a Sunday so we had to start the day a little later since things didn't open until noon. After tooling around a bit at Fort Hunter (which was also not open) we went to downtown Harrisburg and drove around until the National Civil War Museum opened. This museum was one of the most excellent museums that I have been to and the kids loved it as well. We spent about two hours here. Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures so these are the only ones we got. The first picture is the Moment of Mercy statue out in front of the museum. This was also at Gettysburg. Very cool. The other picture is just before we entered the museum where you cannot take any pictures. This day was a very good introduction and learning experience to teach the kids about slavery and the Civil War. This really made up for the disappointments of Day 1.

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