21 September 2007

Day 1 Pennsylvania - Hershey

We took a short vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania for Nicole's birthday. We stayed at what turned out to be a bug infested Super 8. It wasn't really all that gross overall but there just seemed to be bugs everywhere. We were welcomed the first night by this wierd bug that is apparently a house centipede. We've also seen this bug in our townhome in Ohio several times. Apparently, they don't seem to live in houses in Washington because I have never seen them until I came to Ohio.

Our first day of the trip was spent at Hersheypark. Either our expectations were set way too high or the place was just not very good. Anyway, we were very disappointed. We were expecting everything to be chocolate/candy themed and it was just a plain old theme park. And not really a very good one at that. I think I was expecting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory or something but it was not even close. I held my breath for our visit to Hershey's Chocolate which was planned for later in the evening.

There were some fun rides but overall it was just like any other theme park. The additional frustrating thing was that we chose to go on the Saturday of the first three-day weekend after school started which meant that the lines were long and there we tons of people all up in our business. Enough complaining.

There was a cool little show with some sea lions that we really enjoyed. Plus Micah faced his fears and found a roller coaster that he really liked. Despite all of the disappointments, we enjoyed our day and had a good time together as a family.

Later in the day we decided to leave Hersheypark for a bit to visit Hershey's Chocolate World. Again, more disappointment. There was a cool little free ride that toured you through the chocolate making process with a very cheesy diddy by some heifers (cows, not fat ladies). It was pretty interesting but that was pretty much the highlight. We did not visit Hershey Museum. Perhaps we would have really enjoyed this, but we were tired that day and did not want any more disappointment. So we called it an evening for our first day after we went back to Hersheypark to finish the night off.


Jason & Jodee said...

I HATE those bugs!! Nasty! And that's a bummer about Hershey - I've always wanted to go :(.

Hoxworths said...

no kidding. we had centipedes or millipedes or whatever they were in Washington, but they were nothing like these. yuck!

yeah we were pretty bummed about hershey. we had really high expectations because of others who'd been there when they were kids, and we will never recommend it to people. i suppose that if that was all you had to do, it wouldn't be bad, but we'll definitely never go back.

so you guys ready for the reds/cubs game this friday? it was friday wasn't it??

The Momma Chronicles said...

Seriously, if you can braid the hair on the bug, it's too stinkin' big!