09 October 2007

Cincy Museum

Last weekend we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see the Real Pirates exhibit. First we saw the OMNIMAX film called Sea Monsters. I don't think I'd ever been to an OMNIMAX theater. It was almost like a planetarium where the screen was sort of dome like.

The Real Pirates exhibit was a National Geographic exhibit about a slave ship turned pirate ship called the "Whydah" (pronounced Wee-duh, named for the slave port Ouidah in Africa). It displayed a bunch of artifacts recovered from the wreck of the Whydah off Cape Cod and told the story about the pirates of the 18th century. Very educational and very interesting for kids and adults. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures in the exhibit so below are pictures of the museum and right outside the gift shop.

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Jason & Jodee said...

I just heard about that exhibit and thought you might like to go! It sounded interesting.