08 December 2007

Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation

We spent Thanksgiving day with the Indians and Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA. As Wikipedia says, "Plimoth Plantation is a living museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts that reconstructs the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established by the Pilgrims...Alongside the settlement is a re-creation of a Wampanoag homesite."

The Indian homesite was a single family dwelling and they were dressed like the Indians but are not 'in character.' The people at the plantation were were dressed like the Pilgrims and were 'in character.' They pretended to be the original Mayflower Pilgrims towards the end of the 7 year contract at Plimoth. The village was a bit more interesting that the Indian site because you could talk and pretend with the villagers. Plus there were games to play and animals to look at and such.

After the plantation we went down to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II. Plymouth Rock was just a big rock with a stamp of 1620 on it that rested in a sand pit under a beautiful canopy with Greek style columns. We then boarded the Mayflower II which was a "replica of the 17th century ship Mayflower, celebrated for transporting the Pilgrims to the New World."

Finally, we ended the day with a contemporary Thanksgiving dinner with the McDowells. It was a very relaxing ending to a very fun day. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving holiday with us McDowells!

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