19 May 2008

Greek Easter

Several Sunday's ago (4/27) we went to the Milmore's house for Greek Easter. Since Dan is Greek, the Milmores also celebrate (more as tradition and meal and not religiously) Easter according to the Julian calendar (rather than the Gregorian calendar). This goes back to one of the first controversies of the early church between the East and the West which both (i.e., Orthodox and Roman Catholic) claim apostolic authority for their observance of. Since the Protestants came out of the Western church (i.e., Roman Catholics) we simply observe it at the same time as the Catholics do.

Anyway, we had Greek food which included some chicken and spanakopita which is basically a Greek pastry or snack. We also played the easter egg tapping game which Nicole won. After lunch we went outside to play bocce and give the kids a ride in Dan's new lawn mower trailer which we put together before lunch.

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Daniel & Jenny McDowell said...

I am not too blog savvy yet...So I don't know "blog etiquette" in how I respond to your comment. Do I do it on the same comment? On your most recent post? E-mail you? I chose this just because it was most convenient at the time, but please teach me if you know!!

Anyway, we stayed at Hotel Carter. It was pretty trashy, but I think the price was about $130/night for a room with 2 king beds and a private bath. And we were less than a block off of times square. It was amazing location. I think their prices are listed as more on their website, but we found that price on last minute travel .com, or something like that. We were planning on staying in a hostel somewhere in the city, but those were all booked, so this worked out great!

Miss you guys!! Hope all is well!

-Jenny (& Daniel)