06 June 2008


Nicole and the kids flew to my brother and sister-in-law's in Phoenix, AZ to watch their kids (my two neices) while they went on a Mediterranean cruise.

This first picture is at a cool little restaurant that was recently featured on the Food Network called Joe's Farm Grill. They are basically a grill that makes their own food from their own farm onsite.

These pictures are at a local Park in Phoenix and at Papago Park at a natural geological formation called "Hole-in-the-Rock".

Nicole and kids visited an old west town in Chandler, AZ called Rawhide Western Town. They got to be in jail and ride some donkeys.

These pictures are of the kids at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. They got to do a little mining for fools gold as well as see some bones of dinosaurs. It was fun but not quite as cool as the website makes it out to be.

On our last day there the kids had a little lemonade stand and Hannah and Micah were flying her mechanical bird. This was the nicest day when I was there and it was quite windy but not raining and cold like the other days I was there. Nicole and the kids were there for 3 weeks and I came to visit on the last three days. The weather was just down right hot until I came. As soon as I came it got cold and rainy. It was the coldest days for that day of the year in the last 50 years. I think I brought the crappy Ohio rainy weather with me!


Daniel & Jenny McDowell said...

Looks like you all had fun with the nieces and cousins. We are jealous.

Jennifer Hoxworth said...

I see we are now listed on your blog...I feel very special :) It is fun to see pix of your kids down here with ours!

Jason & Jodee said...

I like the washing the hands part on the sign :).