25 June 2008

Micah's Ninth Birthday

We celebrated Micah's 9th birthday in Chillicothe, Ohio at the Milmore's house...Micah's second birthday away from home. We are still not in Kentucky and who knows if we ever will be. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Preliminary events included playing on the new slip n' slide and just hanging out listening to music...oh yeah, and dinner, of course.

We have been here so long that we have all learned to blend in with the indigenous peoples of southern Ohio.

The highlight of the party was the food fight. We cooked noodles, oatmeal, and mashed potatoes and it worked out really good. The fight lasted about 4 times as long as I expected it to. Very fun!

And now for the birthday cake and presents...I went a little crazy and got him about a million Marvel action figures (he thinks he's too good for DC or any other superhero toy maker). He was pretty pumped.

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Daniel & Jenny McDowell said...

That is pretty awesome! Also we liked your Williamsburg pictures. We thought we were going to vacation around there in August, but might have to hold off until the gas goes down.