09 July 2008

Waverly Wildlife

These are some pictures that have been piling up of wildlife in Waverly and Chillicothe. The first set are some intersting moths and a bug.

This was a squirrel that basically walked right up to us and jumped on our table at the Chillicothe pool. It would not take the food we gave it (chips and bread) though it was about the friendliest squirrel I've ever seen.

These last pictures are of some other wildlife in Waverly that cannot be identified with complete certainty. The first one appears to be a dog of some sort but the second is a complete mystery.

Addendum: This last set was at the Old Canal Smokehouse in Chillicothe. It was a not-very-timid butterfly that landed on our plate and proceeded to lick it (that's his tongue in the second shot).

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