20 July 2008

Dayton Air Show

Last weekend me and the kids went to see the Dayton Air Show while Nicole was in Little Rock visiting her friend Kelly Simpson while she was in the states to visit her sister Lisa. The air show, according to Wikipedia, "is an annual event at the Dayton International Airport in Dayton, Ohio...recognized as one of the country’s premier aviation events. It showcases the world's best known civilian and military pilots including the Blue Angels[3] with a variety of airplanes in the air and on the ground."

I think these first pictures are of the Warbirds. The show basically consisted of watching a bunch of airplanes that I didn't know the names of do a bunch of tricks and blow smoke out the back of it.

The hilight of the show was the F-22 Raptor demonstration. We met up Micah's friend Parker and his family who is totally into airplanes. They go to the Air Force museum at least once a month it seems. This plane was very fast and very loud and could do a lot of cool things in the air.

"The Raptor is the world's most advanced fighter aircraft and one of the most sought after demonstrations on the air show circuit. Its incredible maneuverability, aided by its computerized controls and powerful, thrust-vectoring jet engines make it an astonishing air show performance."

You can seem more of them here:


These are some pictures of Micah with his friend Parker and Rebekkah. It was a very hot day and everything was very, very expensive. I blew through about $100 (including cost of tickets) in about 1 hour. It was fun to go but I don't think I'd ever go again. I just don't really care much about airplanes.

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