14 July 2008

Ding Dong Song Remake

I was blogging one day and ended up on a friend's blog which directed me to his brother's blog and then his brother's MySpace page where I came across something absolutely hilarious. Now I used to have Thanksgiving dinner with this kid when he was about 6 years old and this is is what he's turned into! Seriously, Seth is in the Marines and has turned out great. Anyway, enjoy his entertaining remaking of G√ľnther's eurotrash Ding Dong Song. He seriously looks exactly like him!

Pink Yarn


Jennifer Hoxworth said...

Should I claim my own brother?!!! This is so stinkin' funny...Seth has always been funny, but to have the gall to post a video of yourself like this...wow!!

Hoxworths said...

oooooo! you touch my tra la la! seth just isn't the little 5 year old i once knew. he's come such a long way. i'm so proud of his manly shirt.