08 June 2008

Trip Home from Nashville

Since we thought that we would be in Kentucky by early May we had booked the flights for Nicole and the kids from Nashville, TN early in 2008. Unfortunately we were still in Ohio so we had to drive 6+ hrs the way back from Nashville.

The first pictures are at the Hermitage which was Andrew Jackson's home. The last picture is his and his wife's gravesite in their garden.

These last pictures are at Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace national historic site. This includes his boyhood home and birthplace unit just outside of Louisville, KY. The first 5 pictures are of the boyhood home which was nothing really to see except that log cabin which is supposedly very similar to the one in which he lived as a young boy. The last 2 pictures are of the birthplace which consists of a visitor's center and a symbolic cabin of the one in which he was born which is oddly enshrined in a beautiful neo-classical building much like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The second picture shows a closeup of a cicada bug which are prevalent in this area. These are the bugs that make a really loud buzzing noise (you can hear it from the Wikipedia link above).


mrandmrsbanjoe said...

What an interesting cabin! I have heard about this one, but never seen pictures of it. I especially like that chimney. I am still amazed that people used to make a chimney out of wood sometimes. Great pictures, by the way.
---Melanie from www.log-cabin-adventures.com

Daniel & Jenny McDowell said...

Hey Hey-
Not sure if this belated response to your NYC questions is proper blogging protocol, i.e. do we respond on our page or yours :), but we stayed at Hotel Carter, a budget hotel but very close to Times Square. We parked close to the Hotel, which was $75 for two days!

Daniel & Jenny McDowell said...

Technically I already answered you question about NYC on your greek easter post, but possibly you never saw it. So just disregard our double response/miscommunication. :)

Russ & Becca said...

Some things you must do when you go to Paducah...

Go to Sikeston MO to the restaurant where they throw the rolls.

Go fishing on Kentucky Lake...I've spent years of my life there.

Go down to Rutherford TN to see Davy Crockett's cabin...on the way pass through Union City, birthplace of Russell Long, and Kenton TN, home of my mamaw...(That's grandma to most people)

Hoxworths said...

Is there a lit of blogging protocol?! I just make it up as I go. That's not a bad deal. We stayed in the Howard Johnson across the Lincoln Tunnel in NJ. They had a daily shuttle but it would have been really great to have stayed in Manhattan. Fun! Fun!

Hoxworths said...


We will add those to our list of places to visit. Thank you!