06 February 2010

Christmas Cruise - Aqueducts

After Sidi Bou Said we went to a traditional Tunisian dinner near some aqueducts. We had some galettes for an entrée (which in Tunisia as well as France is the equivalent of an appetizer in the US) and couscous (which is not just the grain product that we call couscous in the US which is actually semolina wheat, but is a dish with this in addition to meat and vegetables). Since no one liked the galettes because they had fried eggs in them, I pretty much ate everyone's galettes.

This was where we met some very nice Americans who live in England (he works for Becthel there on the railroads). We spent all dinner getting to know them and they have invited us to come to the London area to stay with them. We are very sure that we will take them up on that offer and very soon!

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