06 February 2010

Christmas Cruise - Malta

Malta, while not my favorite stop on the cruise, was the one place that we will try to go back to. The weather is always great there, it is charming, everything is cheap, English is spoken there, and there was a lot of thing we didn't get to see/visit (the tour we had booked was cancelled for some stupid reason...like rocks were falling on tourists or something silly like that). So we'll probably go back.

One interesting factoid about Malta is that a lot of movies are filmed there. These two sites have some good listings...some noteable ones are Gladiator, Troy, Count of Monte Cristo, Da Vinci Code, Alexander, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and several James Bond films.


They also had these cool yellow buses that were everywhere almost running over eachother and pedestrians. It was seriously crazy. This was where we met our now good friends, the Sohos, who live in Germany about 8 hours from us. We will probably be visiting them in April. We ended up hanging out with them on the ship for the rest of the time. Our daughters became fast friends and now talk all of the time on facebook.

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