03 February 2010

Christmas Cruise - Berber Rugs

While in the Souk we stopped at a perfum shop and this rug shop. Up on the roof of this rug shop you could see out over Tunisia. This is what really reminded me of the movies. What was also funny was that the rooftops were covered with satellite dishes and cats.

We ended up buying on of the larger rugs made by hand out of camel hair and sheeps wool. Before getting there Nicole had Rebekkah sit down with the lady who made te rugs in order to get a picture. Unfortunately the lady wouldn't let Nicole and Rebekkah go until we gave her some change.

Then after a presentation of all the rugs, when we showed interest in the one we bought they tried to seal the deal by putting a cigarette on it (because they claimed that you could not burn or mark it up because of what it is made of...they also said that the Berbers use the rugs and sleep and walk on them and you never need to clean them). That didn't really help the sale for us anyway.

Then as they were wrapping up the rug the guys doing it flashed a small rug similar to the rug we were buying at me and said that it was the birthday of the guy who was doing the wrapping and that he needed a tip. For some I was at a loss for words and couldn't figure out what they were doing until after it was wrapped. Then they wouldn't let me leave until I gave them a tip.

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