06 October 2008

The Move (Oh yeah...we're finally back)

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates of late. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed really hard and neither I nor several local computer places could do anything to retrieve it. So we had to bite the bullet and buy a new computer and attempt to recover stuff.

Thankfully, several months ago in Ohio I began thinking of what a terrible thing it would be if I lost my hard drive data so I bought an external hard drive on which to store all of my important data (i.e., songs and pictures primarily as well as my work stuff). So all was not lost but I am finding out that I do not really like Windows Vista all that much. Anyway, on with the post.

These pictures are of our departure from our beloved Waverly. We stuffed the van and rental car plum full plus filled a luggage rack bag full of vacuum sealed bags of clothes. I have no idea how we're ever going to get home. I think we may need a moving van. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, as soon as we started our cars to head out I dropped my cell phone in my seat and thanks to wonderful design of the automatic seats it was nearly impossible to retrieve (the picture below is of me digging for the phone...see how happy I am!). Thankfully we had Micah and Nicole's small hands to get into places that I could not reach. So after 15 minutes of having our cars running while we got my phone, we were "off like a heard of turtles" as my sister-in-law always says.

Farewell Ohio!! But not forever. We've been back to visit the Milmore's once and will come back at least another time for Halloween.

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