26 October 2008

Trip to Atlanta - World of Coca-Cola

The next day we drove to downtown Atlanta to visit the new Coca-Cola World (we went to the old one that was located several blocks away the last time we were in Atlanta), the Aquarium, and Centennial Park.

According to Wikipedia, Coca-Cola World "is a permanent exhibition featuring the history of The Coca-Cola Company and its well-known advertising as well as a host of entertainment areas and attractions." Upon reading the Wikipedia article I just learned that the one previously located in Las Vegas closed in 2000. We went to that one many times when we lived in Las Vegas back in 1997-1998. The new one in Atlanta opened in 2007 and replaces the 17 year-old facility that was located near Underground Atlanta.

Here are the pictures. The pictures and video at the bottom are of the kids drinking the worst Coca-Cola product on the planet from Italy called Beverly.


Andy said...

According to Wikipedia,....

I think you say that in every post. Is that intentional. Please advise.

Hoxworths said...

That is by design. It is supposed to be sort of funny. Why do you ask? Please advise.