07 October 2008

Superman Stuff - Metropolis, Illinois

About 10 minutes away from Paducah, KY across the bridge is a town called Metropolis, Illinois. First we went to get our picture taken with the giant Superman statue. Next we actually spent money to go to the Super Museum. According to the link:
It is stuffed with over 20,000 items relating to the 60+ year old Superman saga, from his first appearance in comic books to his latest indignity in "Lois and Clark" and other postmodern adaptations. The Super Museum is the life's work of Jim Hambrick, who also owns the overstuffed Superman souvenir and collectibles store you must pass through to reach the museum entrance.
It was a little wierd but mildly entertaining. It may have been worth about $2 a piece which I believe is what we paid. So not much of a loss I suppose. It was sort of like going to a yardsale that only had lots of Superman paraphernalia to buy but you really didn't want to buy it at all. Here are the pictures as proof that we went...

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