12 October 2008

Starved Rock State Park

The last day being in DeKalb, IL the kids and I went hiking at Starved Rock State Park. It was quite a beautiful park with very casual and pleasant hiking. The first pictures are of Micah with his new Hulk mask and gloves he got for his birthday awake and asleep on the way to the park.

According to Wikipedia Starved Rock, "...derives its name from a story that a band of Illiniwek was trapped in the 1760s on the rock by a band of Potawatomi trying to avenge the death of the Ottawa Chief Pontiac. The Illiniwek then scrambled to the top of the rock, where the Ottawa and allied Potawatomi laid siege until the Illiniwek starved to death. However, the authenticity of the story has never been verified, and the story is now considered to be more legend than truth."

Here are some pictures and a video...

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Princess Diaries said...

Good old DeKalb!! We spent our first married year living there while Mark finished at NIU. That is a beautiful park!