26 June 2007

Trek to Ohio - Mount Rushmore

After spending the night in Rapid City, SD, we spent the next day at Rushmore. We stayed at a really nice Holiday Inn where the government rate was more than the regular rate. Needless to say I asked for the non-government rate here.

We went to dinner at a cool little restaurant called the Firehouse and then hung out at the pool for a bit.

On the way to Rushmore we stopped at this place called the Dinosaur Park. The kids climbed around on the dinosaurs and we took some pictures. Not extremely exciting but a good break.

After spending a couple of hours at Mount Rushmore, we headed over to Beautiful Rushmore Cave. The kids loved it, but I thought it was kind of cheesy. There are so many caves around this area that it was hard to choose which to visit. We opted to go to the one closest to Rushmore for convenience. People around said that all the caves were essentially the same. The formations in this cave were really dirty and dingy. I heard the formations in the other caves in the area were shinier and healthier.

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Bill & Joan said...

Yeah man! You see one cave, you've seen them all! Sheesh!! But you have to be careful not to fall in a pile of guano! :o)