25 June 2007

Trek to Ohio - Bighorn National Forest

After a night's stay in the rodeo town of Cody, WY after going through Yellowstone, we drove through the beautiful Bighorn National Forest which we had never even heard of before. We stopped on the side of the road and the kids got out and played a bit on the hills.

As we were driving through Bighorn National Forest we happened upon Shell Falls. Bighorn National Forest sort of reminded us of the Sound of Music. There was also a ski resort that we passed by. I'm thinking it was Big Horn Ski Resort.

After we got out of Bighorn National Forest we were stopped by some deer crossing the red road...at least that's what color Nicole told me they were (if you don't get this, it's because I'm colorblind and I would probably have never known that they were red unless she had told me). I did a quick search on the internet and could not find out why these roads were red. If anyone can find out this bit of trivia, please let me know.


SalvadorSimpsons said...

In El Salvador the roads are red, when they use volcanic rock to build the roads, but I doubt there are volcanoes in that part of the world.

Andy and Sarah said...

Actually those are volcanic rocks.... as best I can figure. It is called red cinder pavement and it is akin to track surfaces. Apparently it helps provide traction in winter conditions. That was all I could come up with, though. Check Wiki for cinder.

Bill & Joan said...

This has nothing to do with the red roads, but is related to driving through Wyoming. Our first drive through Wyoming together was in 1982 on they way to Idaho (to meet Joan's parents for the first time) I spotted a herd of antelope. Being the greenhorn from the midwest, I had never seen them before so I exclaimed: "Look Joan, goats!" Joan couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the trip through Wyoming and her family teased me about that for a long time.